What does High Performance mean?

Whilst introducing myself and my business at an event last week, telling people that I coach teams of employees for ‘High Performance’, I was subsequently asked what I meant by this term.

Looking at the world of Sport, it is easy to define what High Performance means as every sport has a defined pyramid of competition, with high performance teams and athletes at the top, competing at the National and International levels. However, it could be confusing when referring to High Performance in business, as there is no formal level of competition. Some businesses are bigger than others, some win more business, but there is no ‘League Table’ that they compete in. This made me realise that the term needs clarification when referring to employee performance in business.

My take is that High Performance will mean different things to different businesses and different teams within those businesses. However, a High Performing team is always one which meets and exceeds its goals on a consistent basis and where pushing the envelope to do things better is the baseline for the team’s day to day operation.

What does High Performance mean for your business and team of employees? If you have anything to add, please post in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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